Bat Flip Friday 4th Of July Edition

This weekend we celebrate the greatest Holiday of them all. The 4th of July! And in honor of that Holiday, I also give you the greatest, All American movie scene of all-time. The Sandlot 4th of July game encompasses everything this great country should be. I often wish I grew up during this era. Just... Continue Reading →


National Handshake Day Can Be Confusing – Bad Handshakes

Shaking hands can be very difficult. At what point in life does one transition from the "Bro shake" to the formal "adult shake"? How long do you grasp the other guys hand? I'm white, he's black! Did our hands interlock correctly or did the fingers cross? How long do I make eye-contact before shit gets... Continue Reading →

I Officially Hate Brett Favre

You can love him but I hate him. Go ahead, act like Brett's a true gun slinging, Levi wearing, All-American man. For me, I can no longer stand him. The dude just straddles the fucking fence with everything in life. Retire...NOT... Coach/GM... Maybe? Come back again... "I think I could." Want to return to Green... Continue Reading →

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