Have you ever jammed your chip, or even your plain empty hand into a jar of cheese and then pulled it out only to find the deliciousness all over your knuckles?

Of course you have, it’s cheese! It’s a delicious pain in the ass, much like the group of guys contributing to this site. We’re here to help you pass the time in that mundane life you live. Here on this satirical website you can find a constant flow of sports, popular culture, viral, or random articles and thoughts that will be sure to either make you laugh, or make you think.

The “Nest” simply refers to our times hanging out drinking beers and our other favorite beverage, the sweet nectar known as Vernors Ginger Ale. On top of that, to hear about our adventures follow along for trip and event updates.

We reside in Ohio… Site is best viewed on the can.

Twitter: @Cheeseknuckles

Instagram: @cheeseknucklesofficial

Snapchat: cheeseknuckles




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